1. Hi Sammy Smith!

    I’m a french guy and I wan’t know where have you buying your red nunchuks who you used at The Nunchuks XMA Competition Diamond National 2014! Congratulation to your great level in martial arts!

  2. Meeting you and your family at the ISKA 2017 US Open was definitely the highlight of our first experience there. You are such an inspiration and role model to young martial artists and our Annalise was starstruck! She has been watching you on Youtube for a while now and having the opportunity to watch you compete live was just fantabulous! She’s only been competing for a year now and kamas were her chosen weapons. Nun chucks are a challenge for her, esp. with her little hands, but your fierce performance on stage has encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone. Thank you for the time you spent with her and good luck to you in all your future tournaments.

    • To tell you the truth, Annalise is going to be a real force for years to come and was truly an inspiration to me as well. I remember when I was her age and I was in awe of the established ‘stars’ and always hoped to be like them. It took alot of hard work and determination, lots of ups and downs, sweat and injuries. I have no doubt that she will get there if she remains as enthusiastic and determined as when I saw her. I am especially glad that she might try chux. Yes its harder, but much more rewarding than the single piece weapons. When I started training, only Matt Emig was known for chux. There were a few women but no one well known for chux. I am proud to have made chux popular for girls and hope to see Annalise on stage taking my place in the future and taking the sport to yet another level. Good luck and looking forward to seeing you all in the future.

  3. Hi Sammy! 🙂

    I know we have not met before. My name is Megan Sullivan. I am holding a 3rd degree black belt in Pksa karate (pksa.com). Anyway, Sammy, I just wanted to say I am a huge fan of you. Also, you are a true inspiration to other martial athletes out there today. Thank you for all that you do! Also, Sammy, you remind me SO much of myself!!!!!! You and I are both attending college, we are black belts in martial arts, and both of us enjoy giving back to the martial arts communities!!! Lastly, Sammy I wanted to ask you, do you use Facetime Video or snapchat video call? Why I ask is because unfortunately my Skype account is not working for some odd reason. I would would definitely love to have the opportunity to do a video chat! I, also, can be reached be my email provided.

    Thank you Sammy for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

    -Megan Sullivan

    • Thank you so much Megan for getting in touch with me. After 16 years of karate and 14 years of competing, my main goal is to inspire the next generation of competitive martial artists to try to push the envelope and create the next amazing memories. As I am sure you know, with college and competitions, seminars and traveling, there is almost no time to spare. So I really don’t do FaceTime but you can find me on snap chat and please keep me updated on your martial arts career. Best wishes–sammy

  4. Hi Sammy,
    I love watching some of your musical videos on YouTube, and I hope to see you personaly soon.
    Thanks for everything to make world more pleasant and for being awesome!

  5. Hi Sammy,
    I love watching some of your musical forms and other stuff on YouTube, and I hope to see one in person at the Diamond Nationals coming up.
    I am only a green belt but I was wondering if one-on-one lessons with you would be worth it of effective at this low belt.
    Thanks for being awesome!

    • Hi Jack. Thanks for contacting me. Your belt level doesn’t matter. My students are all belt levels, orange, blue, green, etc. What is important is for you to decide what it is that you want to accomplish. I assume that you will be competing at the Diamond Nationals and that you have competed before. I can certainly help you by looking at your form, making suggestions and adjustments and getting you moving in the right direction. If I can help you to get in to good habits, proper forms and good technique, then yes I do think that it would be worth it for you. Thanks for the kind words. If you do feel that you are interested in a lesson at Diamonds, you can book it online. I believe there is one lesson left, or you can contact me at xmakarate100@aol.com. Best Regards, Sammy.

  6. hi sammy
    congrats on making it on to team paul mitchell
    wondering…..can you do some youtube tutorials?

    • Thanks for contacting me. I will likely be doing some tutorials for Team Paul Mitchell in the near future and they will either be posted on the teams official website, on my website, on YouTube or on all. I will surely post the information on my site when its available. Tell me what types off things you would like for me to post as a tutorial- Sammy

  7. cool guestbook! email me : jackiechan56@yahoo.com

  8. Great site! Thanks!

  9. Awesome website, always wished I could do that. Thanks.

  10. My god girl you are very good at that. wish i could get the kids to move at all. loved looking at your page you are talented. i was looking for Samantha Reed Smith for info on a report for my kid and came across you also . keep up the great work you are doing you are like ninja fast …. Eric H in Alaska…..

    • Thank you. Funny, I did a report on Samantha Reed Smith too, and coincidentally, I went to Russia when I was 10, wrote a letter to President Putin and met with the governor of St. Petersburg. There are photos on the photo page of my website and a copy of the Russian newspaper article I was in and the NY Newsday article in the media section. It was alot of fun. Well I am glad you enjoyed my site.

  11. Cool!

  12. really nice site

  13. Hi, my daughter competes at local tournaments and the occasional naska tournament…(aka grands, diamond nationals, and once she did the us open). Do you give private lessons during your time at tournaments you attend..? And if so how much are they? We will be at the aka grands again this year.

    • Hi Mr. Heller. I do give a limited number of private lessons at most tournaments and they can be booked online through this website or by calling 516-551-1700. My fee is $100 per hour. I plan to come to Chicago for AKA on Wednesday night (weather permitting) and will be available for private lessons throughout the day on Thursday. I also have one hour available on Friday morning. I am also available for Skype lessons on weekends throughout the whole year. If you have any specific questions you can call or send email to sammysmith@hypermartialarts.com. Thanks for inquiring–Sammy

  14. hi sammy
    i used to do the martial arts and made it to brown belt but i had to stop doing it because of financial reasons 🙁
    is there any way to train in the martial arts from home? also i am thinking about getting a weapon to practice with but i cant decide between the staff or the chucks. Which one do you like better?

    • Hi and thanks for asking. I think that there are two very inexpensive ways to train. If you think you are talented enough to observe with out instruction, then watch a lot of your favorite people on YouTube. Also, if you specialize in any particular style, you can find good free instructional videos on YouTube. For instance, every American Kenpo technique is explained in detail by “Casa de Kenpo” and these two instructors are excellent in explaining everything. Secondly, you can buy many instructional videos pretty cheap, $10 – $20. Visit “Black and Blue” videos. While I like nun chucks the best. I think that every other weapon is easier to learn because nun chucks are two sectional while all other weapons are solid. The Bo is probably to most common and easy to learn. Kamas are very easy but there is not much you can do with them. SO I would suggest Bo, although nun chucks are my favorite by far. Good luck and best wishes- Happy Halloween– Sammy.

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