1. Do you want to come and give a seminar at my clubs turkeys..loves. very good at

  2. Hi again. How do I find links to tournaments around New England. My daughter and I wanted to see u in here Ri last year but weren’t able to make it. Your so amazing!

    • Thanks for asking. I generally only compete in NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) tournaments. Next year the Rhode Island tournament (Ocean State Grand Nationals) will be on April 4, 5 & 6. Visit NASKA.com or oceanstategrandnational.net for more information. Additionally, in the New England area there is another circuit called ‘Krane.’ For more information visit krane.org. Good luck- Sammy

  3. A while ago I just happened to look up “Samantha karate” on youtube. My daughter (also named Samantha) has been taking karate for 3 years. I love her passion for it. So much energy every time she performs. She wants to open up her own dojo when she is older (she is 9 now). She has always struggled with push ups. Found that it isn’t her arm strength but her core muscle. We work on her core as much as possible doing planks and using counters, stairs or anything else that will her. What recommendation do you have to help her? You are amazing, as well as a bit of a celebrity in our house.

    • Conditioning is really important. While you think that arm strength is not the issue, there are several exercises that improve arms and core. Try standing on your hands against the wall. Start standing facing the wall and then flip on your hands. Then walk the wall moving on hand at a time from one end if the wall the the other. You can also do what I know as V ups. Try to make your body into a ‘V.’ Lay on the ground flat like you are going to do a sit up. Straight legs and straight arms over your head, all on the ground. Then pull you legs straight up while to try to touch the above you with your straight arms. You head will come up and your core will improve. Twenty reps at a time. This should all help arms, shoulders and core. Good luck, and keep in touch– Sammy

  4. is there a way that you can send me an email. i do not use facebook

  5. Hi Sammy,
    A great friend of mine is often hurted when she trains. Lately her ankle wasn’t found in good condition and now it’s her hips… I was wondering if you have any tips that could help her when she trains because I don’t want to see her stop doing what she loves so much, karate. I know she may will see a doctor soon but I thought that you might have been in the same situation before…

    And thank you also to stay such a great inspiration for me! Keep training hard and realizing your dreams 🙂

    • There is no substitute for warming up. I warm up for 20 minutes before training or competing. As to the hips, there are numerous websites with warmup tips. You definitely need to “roll” your hips out as part of the stretching. Hips get hurt alot because they take alot of the ‘shock’ when you land on one leg. To treat the pain, use arnacare, a natural pain relief. As far as the ankles go, its very tough. I sometimes use an ankle wrap put then you may slip or loose the “feel” of the ground. Unfortunately, nagging injuries are suffered by just abourt everyone. Thanks for contactingt me– Sammy

  6. were do you get your cool black uniforms at

  7. do you teach kids with ADD and OCD. its hard on life and making friends. it makes me cry alot. because i have add and ocd myself. i am a red belt and getting ready to test for my red sr.

    • Hi Josh. I have never taught anyone with ADD or OCD that I know of. I am very proud of you for achieving your red belt. You have come very far. Keep training and always have fun- Sammy

  8. i have seen your cool stuff on youtube. can you please send me a email or skyp

    • Hey Josh. I am glad that you like my performances and that you have seen them on YouTube. I hope that you can learn something by watching and keep in touch- Sammy

  9. Hey Sammy, I just wanted to say that it was really nice to meet you at the Quebec Open ! You were so nice and sweet ! Thank you again for the picture and the autographs 🙂 I really appreciate it ! And by the way, congrats for your grand championship, you deserved it 🙂 hope to see you again soon !

    • Thanks Laurie. It was nice meeting you and the other girls as well. I hope to see you again next year. Thank you for the kind words and for visiting my website too. I love going to Quebec and the crowd at the night show is so big and lively. Thanks again and hope to see you again– Sammy

  10. hey how is sammy#s name on youtube??? i wanna see her videoclips.

  11. Thank you for helping me with my corkscrew at americick Saturday.

    • You are welcome. Glad I could help. Make sure you swing your kicking leg high before you twist. You will do great and the next time I see you I expect it to be super– Sammy

  12. Can you tell me a little bit about the amerikick tournament please

    • Amerikick is in downtown Philadelphia at the convention center. Its a very nice tournament and well attended, especially by under belts. What is your belt level? Its one of the NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association) world tour events so most of the top competitors will be there. You should go if you can.

  13. Omg! You were so good when you were a green belt.i just saw the video you were crazy good nice work.

  14. Your so good at landing into the split after you do the twist

    • Well, most of the time. At the last competition, I won the Overall Grand Championship in “forms” and might have won “weapons” too, but i leaned over from the split and it probably cost me the win, but that could happen. Thanks for the kind words- Sammy

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