The following merchandise is now available for Sammy’s fans:

Sammy’s first Nunchucks training DVD was made especially for the young competitors. It contains a complete beginner as well as a complete advanced nunchucks competition form and many special bonuses. The listed retail price is $34.95 but it is $24.95 on this site. The DVD takes you through both forms in regular and slow motion and will provide instruction on putting together a competition nunchucks form.

Sammy’s second DVD teaches a creative and extreme competition form. Start off with a strong creative form for the beginner or intermediate competitor, with no inverted moves and then insert the amazing moves taught by Sammy for an awesome “extreme” martial arts competition form. Both forms are shown at regular speed and slow motion as well. Recent tournament footage is also included.

Sammy’s two “HYPER” DVD’s have swag and style and teach a competition form , kicking and hand combos and tips for winning in competition.

Sammy’s most recent DVD, “Chux University” is different from the others in that it does not teach a specific form or gymnastic trick, but instead, teaches basic, intermediate and advanced chux manipulations.

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Note that 100% of the proceeds of the sale of all merchandise on this site goes directly to supporting Sammy Smith’s World Championship Competitions…Thanks for your support !!!!!

Sorry, but shipping is to United States Residents ONLY due to high shipping costs outside of the United States.  If you really want to make a purchase and you are outside of the United States, please send email to with your inquires.


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      DVD Combo Pack Forms/Nunchucks


      This is a combo pack. You get both DVD's at an incredible price. The Nunchucks DVD and the just released Forms DVD. They will both be shipped together and to get this special price you MUST order them as the combo pack.

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      DVD Super Combo Pack of all 5 DVD's


      Get all 5 of Sammy's DVD's for a great price. You get her first DVD, Nunchucks competition creative and extreme forms for the beginner and intermediate; her second DVD which teaches a beginner/intermediate creative and extreme competition form as well as her two new "Hyper DVD's" which not only teach a great competitve form, but cool hand combos, tricks and nunchucks training tips. The latest DVD, Chux University teaches the actual use of nun chucks and is great for the beginner as well as intermediate and advanced nun chucks competitor. Sammy will reinforce good habits and teach new tricks too.

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      Pay for your "SKYPE" lessons here

      from $100.00

      To pay for your "SKYPE" lessons with Sammy, call 516-551-1700 to schedule your lessons first, then select your package and pay here.

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      Sammy Smith Signature Competition Chux- 9 '', 10" or 11"


      These nunchucks are custom designed by Sammy. They are made by G-Force Gear and were designed for speed and precision. The 3 links are fast and resist jamming. The wood handles are made of lightweight, yet strong wood. They come in Sammy's unique style, purple and green, with orange and chrome ice stripes. They are 9, 10 or 11 inches in length (child/teen/adult size). Each order comes with a pair of nunchucks (one for each hand). What is unique about these chux is their evenly matched weight. All wood weighs differently. Once they are manufactured, all chux are weighed and each pair is weight matched as evenly as possible. No other chux are weighed and matched. This gives the competitor another competitive edge. <<<<< Click photo on the left for more information ! Note thst these ARE NOT actual weapons. They are for demonstration and competition purposes only. Click on photo to the left for more details. *By purchasing this item you expressly acknowledge that like any other martial arts competition demonstration weapon, use or misuse can be dangerous and purchaser agrees to waive any and all claims associated with the use or misuse of this item and buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities and releases seller from any liability.

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      Sammy Smith's Chux University


      Learn the A, B, C's of nun chucks with this new DVD. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you are sure to learn something new. Sammy explains how to manipulate nun chucks like a pro and gives you practice drills to get great. Sammy is considered to be to top female nun chucks competitor in the country and has won hundreds of first place awards and Grand Championships using her signature nun chucks, featured in this DVD.

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      Sammy Smith's Spectacular Nunchucks DVD


      Sammy will teach you a beginner and an advanced Nunchucks form, in full speed and slow motion, with each move broken down and explained- Sure to help you put together a great competition form. Bonus features include: Demonstration of additional tricks, an in depth interview with Sammy and highlights of Sammy's recent competitions. This DVD was filmed when Sammy was 10 years old and is great for the young competitor, who can easily identify with someone near their age.

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      Sammy Smiths Creative & Extreme Competition Form DVD


      In her second video, Sammy will teach a strong beginner/intermediate creative form and then will insert extreme moves for the more advanced competitor. This is a great form to learn for your competition, taught by 18 time NASKA World Champion Sammy Smith, presented with recent tournament footage.

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      Training Sessions with Sammy Smith "HYPER" Forms DVD


      Hyper Pro Sammy Smith teaches you what it takes to become a martial arts champion and shows you important tips for executing today's most exciting martial arts techniques.

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      Weapons Training with Sammy Smith "HYPER" DVD


      Sammy shows you how to use Double Nunchucks like a pro and teaches you her dynamic Hyper Weapons Form to help you win competitions and amaze audiences watching you perform. You will have the winning edge with tis cool Chux form and tricks

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