So after 7 years I decided to totally revamp my website.  Tell me what you think.  Tell me what you would like to see.  As you can see I added a “Hyper” page where I will put up a bunch of Hyper photos.  Some will be from Hyper seminars and Hyper camps.  Some will be random photos of Hyper Athletes and some will just be photo I think would be “Hyperish.”  So tell me what you think of that page.

I will be adding new products to the site too.  I have two new Hyper DVD’s coming soon.  A nunchucks weapons DVD and a forms DVD.  Look for them.  They will be a perfect compliment to my two “Black & Blue” instructional videos.  I will also have my own line of G-Force “Sammy Smith World Champion Nunchucks.”  They will be made for speed and precision and for true competitors.

I will be posting alot of personal information right here so stay tuned and welcome to my new website.  I hope you enjoy it.


homepage_new_22012… What a great year it was. Surely my best year as a NASKA competitor.  this year I moved up from the 12-13 year old division to the 14-15 year old division.  As if that is not tough enough, that meant that I jumped up to the next division in the runoffs for the Grand Championships.  Until this year, I was in the 13 and younger Grand Championship runoffs.  This year I had to compete in the 14-17 Grand Championship runoffs, which basically meant that every competitor who won their division and was in the runoffs was older than me.  I set my goals for the year and exceeded them to the max.
I won 15 Grand Championships (14-17 year old girls; 8 Weapons Grand Championships and 7 Forms Grand Championships).  Then competing against the 14-17 year old boys and girls for the overall youths Grand Championship, I won 7 times ( 5 Forms Overall Grand Championships and 2 Weapons Overall Grand Championships).  This made me the overall 14-17 boys/girls Forms Grand Champion for 2012 !


At the last competition of the year, the “Pan American Internationals”, a “4A” NASKA tournament held in Miami, Florida, I finished first in 5 divisions (musical weapons, extreme weapons, musical forms, extreme forms and creative forms) and second in Traditional Forms.  I went on to win the 14 – 17 year old CMX weapons Grand Championship and the 14-17 CMX forms Grand Championship and then the overall boys/girls 14-17 Forms Grand Championship. Another excellent tournament and a great way to end the competition season.
Thanks to all of you who cheered me on throughout the year, came up to say hello and took photos with me.






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