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I never thought that I would get more satisfaction from teaching eager young martial artists than winning myself.  I really never even thought I wanted to have control of or be involved with coaching or instructing a ‘team.’

It was just by chance that a series of events brought me to ‘Epic Martial Arts’ in Hicksville, New York which is owned by two unbelievably talented and generous people, Sensei’s Nicholas and Stacey Deluca.

Team Epic's Caio DaSilva with 5 of his 6 First Place Trophies from the US Open

Team Epic’s Caio DaSilva with 5 of his 6 First Place Trophies from the US Open






Jess, Madison, Harry & Caio of Team Epic at the US Open 2014

Jess, Madison, Harry & Caio of Team Epic at the US Open 2014

Caio, Madison & Kayla from Team Epic showing off their "Sammy Smith" World Champion Chux

Caio, Madison & Kayla from Team Epic showing off their “Sammy Smith” World Champion Chux














We put together a group of about 25 eager students to form the ‘competition team.’  None had ever even tried nunchucks, nor did they ever compete at anything more challenging than a local long island tournament.  Now about half of them compete in at least 5 world rated NASKA tournaments and about 5 have travelled to about 10, going as far as Florida, Chicago, Quebec and Texas.

these kids are truly determined and extremely talented.  In only their second year of ‘serious’ competition they have dominated the NASKA under belt competition world and sent notice that when you see ‘Team Epic’ on a competitors back, you will see high level competition weapons and forms.  You will see great attitudes, good sportsmanship and you might even see a little but of ‘me’ in their forms.

I am proud to share our teams results.  They earned a bunch of firsts through fourth place finishes for the year.  The results are actually better since many members of the team ‘moved up’ during the year, so their accomplishments only reflect points for a portion of the year.  More importantly, they had fun and learned a lot about themselves.

All members started the year as ‘underbelts’ and have served notice that as ‘black belts’ they will raise the bar and change the level of competition.

So if you walk by a ring and see ‘Team Epic’ on the back of a competitor, stop and watch and even cheer on these hard working and determined young martial artists.

Here are our teams results for 2014:

NASKA standings: National Standings under belt:
Kayla Nunnally– National titles in under belt musical forms, extreme forms,extreme weapons,creative forms. 2nd place in advanced forms & weapons, creative weapons & musical weapons.
5th BB Extreme Weapons
7th BB Extreme Forms
7th BB Creative Weapons
8th BB Musical Weapons
9th BB Creative Forms
9th BB Musical Forms
Harry Clarke- 2nd intermediate fighting, 3rd creative weapons & musical weapons, 4th creative forms and weapons.
Caio DaSilva- 2nd intermediate forms and extreme weapons, 3rd intermediate fighting, 3rd creative forms, musical forms, extreme forms, musical weapons,intermediate weapons and 4th place creative weapons
Madison Olson- National Titles in intermediate fighting and extreme weapons. 2nd intermediate weapons, creative forms, musical forms, extreme forms, creative weapons. 3rd intermediate forms and 4th musical weapons.
Jared Haim– 3rd place intermediate fighting, 3rd Intermediate forms & weapons, 4th creative weapons and 5th creative forms.
Gerard Gagliano- 4th place advanced weapons and 7th place advanced forms.
Jess Layburn– 7th place Traditional Forms
7th place Traditional Weapons
Thanks to our teams parents, who recently posted some very kind comments on Facebook.  Your continued support is an inspiration to me and to your children:
  •  Jason S. Nunnally SUPER SAMMY SMITH….without you, none of this would have been possible. 
  •  Barbara Malone Gagliano Sammy, I know I’ve said it before, but our ninjas are so lucky to have you as a teacher, mentor and friend. Looking forward to the future!
  •  Tatiana Fontoura M DaSilva Thank you Sammy! You inspired all this kids! Looking forward to an amazing 2015!!!!
  •  Dawn Roscigno Olson Thank you Sammy! You have inspired all of your students! Madison is fortunate to have you in her life! Can’t wait until 2015!!!








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