Sammy Smith’s Signature Chux– Why ?? Because you deserve them !!

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photo-43I’ve spent six months designing and perfecting these chuxs.  Why?  Because I have found that if you are going to compete with chux, you really should have the right chux.  Cooks need the right tools to cook, carpenters need the right tools to build, and chux competitors need the right chux.  So first of all, I took G-Force chux, known for being the best quality.  I located the right type of oil which does not produce grit and hold dirt.  I made them all 3 metal links and 11 inches in length.  Then I gave them a unique design which shows the speed and pattern when spun during competition.  I found that green catches the light the best; purple catches the spectators attention the best and the orange stripe helps to show the pattern when spun.  Black stripes at the end show you where they start and end.

I see competitors using chux  that are too short and look like toys.  Some use “rope” chux but they don’t spin nearly as fast or well.  So I am hoping that my “signature” chux will help you compete to the best of your ability.

photo-42Importantly, these chux are no more expensive than their predecessors on the market.  At $59.95 plus $9.95 shipping, for a pair of chux (one for each hand) with a lifetime supply of oil and instructions on keeping them in top shape, I am sure that you will enjoy them and find your peak competitive edge.






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