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Here is correspondence that I just received.  This is what it’s all about !

imagesHi Sammy,

Just wanted to say, you are an inspiration to me, and I just turned 38. Pretty crazy, eh?! I wish I had something like XMA and Hyper when I was entering martial arts over 20 years ago. They were doing things like that then, but it was these amazing black belts who had private trainers, choreographers and gymnastics… I was just a color belt winning local and state tournaments with my forms and wishing I had someone who could teach me that stuff. I’d go with my friends to National events and we’d just be in awe– wishing we could do that stuff. My instructor was good, but he wasn’t a creative/trickster type. It’s so much more accessible now, especially with how you guys breakdown the forms and techniques. Finally, I get my chance. I did earn a World Championship in traditional forms in 2001… if I had something like Hyper all those years ago… I could have gone even father. But don’t get me wrong, I am proud and extremely happy that I earned that title with hard work, lots of training, and that champion mindset.

This week I am putting a Spring Break camp on at my school and we will be learning your double chux form. The flow is wonderful. I’m so excited to be handing them your DVD at the end as well. They are going to be so impressed. The whole Hyper team is awesome, but you’re among my favorites. Thank you for bringing your style to Hyper, so that those of us that missed out when we were younger have a chance at connecting back to that creative part of martial arts we always loved.

Carey Daughtry

Hyper Pro Training School

Owner, Chief Instructor of Daughtry ATA Martial Arts

Richmond Hill, GA

Tell me your story !!  And send photos !

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