HYPER Competition DVD’s & Gatorade ???

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My two new Hyper DVD’s were just released on February 23rd.  I am very proud of them.  In each one, I teach a really cool competition form.  I go through each section of the form, from the front and the back, in fast and slow motion.  The video is really fun to watch .  It includes some cool combos and suggestions to make your form exciting, as well as an interview.

The real story is that we filmed the video in San Diego, just a few feet from the mexican border.  The background was cool, but the weather was hot.  When I got thirsty, Roland bought me a Gatorade.  It was “cucumber lime flavor” (really !!!).  The label was in spanish.  I had never seen before and never seen since, a “cucumber lime” Gatorade, but its a real flavor (see below).images


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